The green benefits of subero and Wolf Kitchen Appliances

The green benefits of subero and Wolf Kitchen Appliances

Consumers are increasingly aware of the food they eat and where they come from. regardless of whether it is locally grown organic products compared to imported or genetically modified products. Many also make a greater effort to improve energy savings in their kitchens and choose only environmentally friendly appliances from brands with a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Premium subwoofer and kitchenware from Subero & Wolf is popular with professional cooks and cooks at home and performance and style aside there is much more to these products than originally meets the eye. Subero and Wolf appliances are some of the most environmentally friendly appliances on the market making them an ideal addition to all green kitchens.

Energy efficiency

Going Green as they say becomes less of a trend and more of necessity. The size of our carbon footprint is more important than ever and increasingly affects our decisions when we buy new appliances for the home. Research suggests that if everyone in the UK upgraded their cold appliances to energyaving recommended products it would save more than $ 700 million each year.

Subero refrigerators are Energy A Rated and contain dual cooling and air purification systems NASAeveloped technologies preventing temperature changes reducing power consumption and significantly increasing the life of your fresh and frozen food.

Wolfkokare has an exact heat control system that saves energy and reduces cooking time. The Wolf Dual Fuel range only spends energy when used and the oven doors are sealed tight to maintain maximum heat and energy. The triple glazed oven door allows you to monitor how to cook without having to open the door so that no heat can escape. The precision controlled double stacked gas burners use a single spark ignition which ensures that energy is not wasted on unused burners. In addition the auto ignition function ensures that no cooking time is lost if wind noise from an open window extinguishes the flame by automatically and securely resetting the burner used.

Everything is designed with the environment in mind; Even the largest Subero devices use less power than a 100 watt bulb.

Food preservation

Food waste becomes a major issue in many first world countries where landfills that fight to deal with the volume of unwanted products are thrown out every day. In fact 8.3 million tonnes of food are thrown by British households each year.

Suberos dual cooling system, as well as elimination of odors viruses bacteria and gases, keeps perishable foods fresher which significantly reduces food waste and unnecessary travel to the stores.

Built to hold

Subero & Wolfs appliances are built to last not to be landfilled. Many owners still use the same Subero refrigerator as they were 20 years ago. The appliance is not just an investment for the kitchen but an investment for life. In fact they all come with one of the strongest guarantees in the appliance industry and a 24/7 customer center.


Subero and Wolf promote environmental responsibility during the manufacturing process:

75 percent of stainless steel and 50 percent of the plastic in Subero & Wolfs products are recycled

Almost all vehicles used in the production plant are electric which reduces the consumption of fossil fuels

Reusable containers are used to reduce waste from packaging

manufacturing facilities have significantly reduced the use of ozone forming hydrocarbon solvents

Scrap reduction targets help to use recyclable materials more efficiently

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